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Private Tuition

Private Tuition

There is no better way to learn than working one on one.  

I seriously believe that anyone can learn to sing.

I teach a method I have developed over 30 years which allows the singer to discover their own natural voice and potential.  My method combines classical breathing techniques with understanding the physiology behind singing, and finding the natural resonance in your voice.

I offer Private Tuition for students 16 years and older.

Contact me for consultation and/or to schedule a lesson.


Your Voice

Your singing voice may sound drastically different from your speaking voice. That's ok. 


Language and how we communicate is a learned operation and uses different muscles than the act of singing.  Singing is an instinctive human trait. Even babies sing. We are born singing.

I am dedicated to helping you find your own beautiful voice. 

Singing for your
own Pleasure

I've been a professional singer for over 35 years.  However, although I have thoroughly enjoyed making a profession from singing, I recognise that the majority of my students are seeking tuition to enhance their singing for their OWN pleasure. 

I enjoy seeing you discover your actual vocal potential and just how easy it is when you tap into your true singing voice. 

You're never too old to start singing.



In my career, I have only had to cancel a gig twice sue to having "lost my voice", and both cases were due to illness. 

You should be able to have a long and illustrious singing life without causing damage to your voice.  

Learn the right techniques, and learn to spot your damaging habits. 


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